Human Values
and Business

It is our firm belief that human values and business should go hand in hand

Nova B Project

We are NovaB

More than 25 years working with companies, international entities and non-for-profit organizations in various fields and in different parts of the world. A sound professional career backed by our experience and know-how that allow us to provide tailored made services to meet the specific needs of each client.  We take all aspects into consideration to achieve the desired outcome.

We are proud to be known by our distinctive identity traits:

Negocios y valores humanos

We Offer

Perception and Action in the Business World


Translation and
Courses and


Cursos Coaching

We offer Core Coaching & Consulting courses following The Balancing Act methodology

A road map that takes you in the right direction to ensure that all aspects of your life and career are in balance to get the optimal results

Get to Know Us

Experience and Commitment

Xavier Nova

Xavier Nova

Managing Partner

Mercedes Bellavista

Mercedes Bellavista

Executive Associate

Having travelled and lived in several countries has provided us with in-depth knowledge on the field of different cultures (Anglo-Saxon, Latin American and Spanish, Middle East and India).

This knowledge comes through our approach to work and the way we treat our clients.

Why Are We Chosen

We are proud to be known by our distinctive identity traits

Valores Versatilidad


Ability to easily and quickly adapt to different situations and environments

Valores Compromiso


We do what we say

Valores Cuidado detalle

Attention to Detail

Excellence in what we do

Conocimiento de culturas

Cultural Diversity

On the field experience of different cultures: Anglo-Saxon, Latin American and Spanish, Middle East and India

Valores Sentido Común

Common Sense

Always vigilant to ensure that all our projects and decisions are based on common sense

Valores Visión

Wide Vision

Ability to keep the overview and the end goal

We Are NovaB

Human Values and Business
Human Values and Business
Valores Humanos y Negocios
Fundación Prasad