Having travelled and lived in several countries has provided us with on the field in-depth knowledge of different cultures (Anglo-Saxon, Latin American and Spanish, Middle East and India).

This knowledge comes through our approach to work and the way we treat our clients.


Business Management

  • Business Administration Services
  • Executive Management for companies and non-for-profit organizations
  • Executive Secretary Services
  • External Advisor
  • Project Management


We provide investment consulting services focused on searching and analysing investment opportunities in various business sectors, mainly real estate, newcos and technology startups, and winery. Our services include:
  • Search and selection of projects and investment and development opportunities attractive to investors
  • Research on market demands and investment trends and conditions
  • Feasibility studies, initial due diligence and financial analysis of opportunities and projects
  • Presentation of opportunities to potential investors
  • Help in negotiations with potential sellers and joint ventures
Negocios en Quatar

Business in Qatar

  • Advice and business management in Qatar
  • Project Management
  • In-country accompaniment

Translation & Interpretation

  • Translation Services 

We provide English-Spanish translation of all kind of documents.  Experience in the translation of books, both novels and stories, as well as self-help and coaching, in addition to websites, reports and business and legal documents (not sworn translation). 

  • Interpretation Services  
    We provide simultaneous and consecutive translation for courses, seminars, workshops, interviews, meetings and any other format in the following languages:  
  • English-Spanish and Spanish-English
  • English-Catalan and Catalan-English 
  • Spanish-Catalan and Catalan-Spanish

We are NovaB

Human Values and Business
Human Values and Business
Valores Humanos y Negocios
Fundación Prasad


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