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Think before you speak.  Plan before you act. Accomplish your goal before it is too late

Steve Jobs

Xavier Nova

Entrepreneur and trainer, with over 25 years of experience working with individuals, corporations and foundations in countries such as Qatar, India, USA, United Kingdom, Spain and other European countries.

This has given him extensive knowledge of the business aspects and customs of each place, while allowing him to develop a deep respect for different cultures, languages and religions.

Core Coaching Development Manager and facilitator of the “The Balancing Act” methodology.

Reliable, analytical and efficient professional, with the ability to put situations in perspective and look at them from an objective point of view.  This allows him to take the most appropriate decisions and actions in any given moment, while taking into consideration, but without being constrained by, the sensitivities of those involved.

His humanitarian aspect has led him to be actively involved in Fundación PRASAD España, an international NGO that carries out its humanitarian work in the Maharashtra region in India, where he acts as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Mercedes Bellavista

Throughout her professional life, Mercedes has performed several roles, such as manager`s assistant, executive secretary, as well as project manager.
Likewise, her interest in learning and deepening her knowledge of different cultures and her love for communication and languages, led her to simultaneously pursue her career as translator and interpreter, which she has done successfully.

Mercedes has been working as a translator and interpreter for more than 25 years.  She began her career in the early 1990s while she lived in the United States collaborating with an NGO. Since then, she has been an interpreter of English-Spanish in countless courses, workshops, conferences, and seminars, in the United States, India and Spain, as well as an English-Spanish translator of several works. These works include the co-translation into Spanish of the book A Different Kind of War- The UN Sanctions Regime in Iraq (Autopsia de Iraq) by H.C.Von Sponeck, the translation of the websites of Fundación PRASAD Spain, Konsilia, and Core Coaching Consulting, and the translation of the book Prospering (Prosperar) by Sharon Seivert, as well as the different materials related to it, among others.

Mercedes has worked with international companies, consulting firms and foundations, as well as high-level executives in Spain, Qatar, the United States and the United Kingdom.

She is a certified Mediator by the London School of Mediation and certified Coach by Coaching Madrid.

With an excellent ability to assess any situation, Mercedes provides a personalized approach and a smooth and easy communication style, and has the ability to adapt to a wide variety of environments and cultures.

She defines herself as a “book eater” fascinated by the richness of language, and finding the exact meaning to each word and its equivalent in other languages, so to be able to accurately understand and convey what it is being said.

Our job is to carefully listen to our clients and translate their needs into the services we offer in order to accomplish the desired outcome.

Why are we chosen

We are proud to be known by our distinctive identity traits

Valores Versatilidad


Ability to easily and quickly adapt to different situations and environments

Valores Compromiso


We do what we say

Valores Cuidado detalle

Attention to Detail

Excellence in what we do

Conocimiento de culturas

Cultural Diversity

On the field experience of different cultures: Anglo-Saxon, Latin American and Spanish, Middle East and India

Valores Sentido Común

Common Sense

Always vigilant to ensure that all our projects and decisions are based on common sense

Valores Visión

Wide Vision

Ability to keep the overview and the end goal

We are NovaB

Human Values and Business
Human Values and Business
Valores Humanos y Negocios
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