The Complexity of doing business in Qatar

After almost six years doing business in Qatar and considering Qatar as one of our main business sites, we at NovaB Projects are in a privileged position to evaluate the opportunities and challenges to do business in this complex market and suggest the following factors to be considered: Ten factors to consider when doing business in Qatar 1.- Qatar as a fast economy. 2.- Excellence and infrastructure developments. 3.- The… Read More »The Complexity of doing business in Qatar

Benefits of participating in a Change Career Program

I am sharing with you in this video the benefits I experienced by participating in a Core Coaching & Consulting Program; and how, in a balanced way, allowed me to put my aspirations, gifts and talents into practice, both in my personal and my professional life. More info of the upcoming implementation program: Make it happen! Rebalancing your work and life in these unbalanced times, with Sharon Seivert