The Complexity of doing business in Qatar

After almost six years doing business in Qatar and considering Qatar as one of our main business sites, we at NovaB Projects are in a privileged position to evaluate the opportunities and challenges to do business in this complex market and suggest the following factors to be considered:

Ten factors to consider when doing business in Qatar

1.- Qatar as a fast economy.

2.- Excellence and infrastructure developments.

3.- The delusion of Know Who and the importance of Know How.

4.- Be aware of competition.

5.- Culture and religion.

6.- An international and diverse society.

7.- Administration and bureaucracy.

8.- Sponsorship and office presence.

9.- Keeping it in writing. Tax, finances and legalities.

10.- Three essential points to do business in Qatar:

  • Considering the above nine points carefully and with the help of a knowledgeable adviser.
  • Get finance in place.
  • Get a good cultural, social and political understanding of where you are heading and start up.

 In the following weeks we will expand and comment on the different factors and aspects.

Xavier Nova

NovaB Projects Founding Partner